Create a blog (Posts, Devise, Comments etc) and document the journey.



Finally done with the comments. Decided to do without the reply for each comment because it looks so freaking messy.

Thinking of how to prevent people from signing up on the blog... I should just delete the sign up form and create user via the console. It should be much safer that way? Or just create an admin namespace?

I should clean up the blog and make it more user friendly.


Decided to file and pay my income tax. Distracted by the letter from iras.

I added in pagination with the kaminari gem and a footer and i am calling it a day.


Typing this and realised the form field auto expanding as i type but mine must manually extend from the bottom right corner... hmmmm...


Done with the tags. Next shall be the comments.


Done with the image upload. Just that the image is always overflowing in my view when the images are originally larger than whats needed. Took me awhile to figure it out, but got it settled by setting width:100% in css. Wanna add some tags to the posts next!


Finally a decent looking homepage by copying a template with lots of inline styling because i am still so bad at bootstrap. Going to add in an image for every post with uploadcare.


I created the post and user model so now i can upload my posts. Currently working on the front-view of the blog. Trying to make it look pretty but progress is very slow.


Its been awhile since i code so i decided to start working on my blog tonight.

Forgotten what comes after 'rails new' to set up rails with postgresql. It's '-d postgresql'.

Ran rake db:migrate but database was not found. Tried sudo service postgresql start but failed because db was not created at all so i created one with rake db:create.

Had to refer to minigram app on how to write strong params.

Was going to set up devise but actually its good enough for a blog already i just need the front view now.

Going to try to create a nice view and maybe add in tags and comments later. Being lazy but just trying to keep it simple too.


Here's a tutorial that you can follow perhaps? So basically this dude learn Rails by creating 12 apps in 12 weeks.


And here's another one. Which i obviously missed out lol.