I've abandoned OMG for a while now. It's basically the same pattern that led to the abandonment of all my other previous side projects.

Traction : I've got to admit, I really suck at promoting and marketing OMG. Most people will never know this platform existed. The main issue is not knowing who the target users are and where they're hanging out.

Engagement : My main disappointment is this. When users are not using the platform, I assume that there's no utility or value in it. I observed that users would attempt to create a goal and even write some updates before they abandon OMG. The goal is to create a product that people would actually want to use regularly. Not the case here.

People are busy with their lives. Even if you set a goal, what are the chances that you have time to work on it? You'll have nothing to update and pretty soon, you'll forget OMG existed. And of course, it takes effort to write down any progress you made. Since all of the updates are public, that also serves as a deterrence. That needs getting used to.

Apart from the zero engagement and lack of goals to pursue, my mental block lies in the fact that this is going to be another side project that has no clear business model. Subconsciously, the mission is to create something people want to use and gladly pay for it. When I didn't see a clear path to it, my interest naturally dissipated over time.

Do I have the energy for OMG 2.0? Perhaps. Would it be a revamp? An upgrade? I'm not sure about it at the moment. But for the next few days, I'll probably be dumping ideas around the changes that I want to see happening around here.