Went out to Bt Timah for my usual training regime. Unfortunately, my bag couldn't handle the 30kg (31kg with drinks) so it was pretty much tearing apart at the intersection of the shoulder pads. I don't think I'll ever forget the sheer torture for this session.

By the time I arrived at the entrance, I was already tired and the thought of having to pull out the vest from my bag and put it on was just sheer painful. That was pretty much a big mistake. The weight wasn't really distributed well as it's concentrated mainly on my lower back. I panted and struggled on every incline. Probably the slowest hike of my life as I fought off the pain building up on my lower back.

Yes. I was breathing heavily throughout. And of course, it wasn't complete without heavy rain as I exited from Bt Timah and walked towards the train station.

The best part? I slipped and fell at the overhead bridge. I could have rolled all the way down if not for the heavy bag anchoring me in place. With a slightly bruised palm and hurting wrists, I laid there for a while. Grateful that I didn't suffer any serious injury that would threaten my trip.

Next session? I will definitely put the vest on. Lesson learned, albeit a very painful way.