Last Sunday, it was raining pretty heavily in the middle of the night. And it kinda fucks up my mind, knowing that I have a training hike in a few hours time.

Nevertheless, I made my way to Bukit Timah. It was still raining and it got me thinking if I should just head back home. All these thoughts looping in my mind but alas, my commitment was stronger and I decided to just proceed regardless of the rain.

This time round, I put on the vest. It weighs down so much on my shoulder despite the load being snugged closely to my body. Not forgetting to mention that it's stuffy too.

But I walked on and boy do I feel the fatigue. The rain. The strain. A perfect combination to break your will but I refused to give in to the idea of quitting halfway so I took as much rest as possible to avoid burning out.

10 second rest seems to do the trick to maintain the momentum.

Having completed yet another hike, I made my way back home and went out again to do more shopping for my gear. This time round, a backpack and some other misc stuffs like face towel from Daiso.

So what's left in the packing list? Wet wipes, toilet paper and diarrhoea pills. And of course, printing out the VISA form, passport photos and changing some cash to USD to pay for the VISA.

I feel ready.




snuffy Hey hey what's up!


How have you been doing? It's been 4 years (I think) since we last met. We should catch up over coffee one of these days.


Chugging along fine so far. Oh wow it's been that long? Sure thing man, we can do that!


Good. But now I'm wondering how I'm going to contact you lol. I don't have your number anymore and I don't use WhatsApp.

Do you still have my phone number? If you do, please drop me a text on Telegram or something..

(My mobile number ends with 667)

Let me know if there's a better way to pass you my contact info lol 😂


Message me at Lagik senang... Hahaha